January/February Schedule Announcements

Week Ten:

  1. Canceled! Jan.19 Sat. @Madison East JV Tourney Schedule Bus 7:00am, Weigh-ins-8am, Wrestling 9:15am
  2.  Canceled! Jan.19 Sat. WWCS Wausau JV State Tourney -Time Schedule Van-6:45am Weigh-in-9:30am -Jasmine and Lilli attending

Week Eleven: Prepare for postseason

  1. Jan.21 Mon. Practice @6:00-8:00pmTIME CHANGED
  2. Jan.22 Tues. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  3. Jan.23 Wed. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  4. Jan.24 Thur. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  5. Jan.25 Fri. Practice @3:50-5:30pm

Week Twelve: Continued preparation for the postseason -Big 8 Conference Week

  1. Jan.28 Mon. Practice @6:00-8:00pmTIME CHANGED
  2. Jan.29 Tues. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  3. Jan.30 Wed. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  4. Jan.31 Thur. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  5. Feb.1 Fri. Varsity Practice @3:50-5pm  JV Conference @VAHS@3:37pm Schedule-Weigh-in 4pm, Wrestling @5pm
  6. Feb.2 Sat. Varsity Big 8 Conference Tourney at VAHS Schedule @VAHS in wrestling room @8am, Weigh-in@ 8:30am, Wrestling at 10am

Week Thirteen: Regionals week – Varsity at Waunakee on Saturday!!!! Top four placewinners to Sectionals

  1. Feb.4 Mon. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  2. Feb.5 Tues. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  3. Feb.6 Wed. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  4. Feb.7 Thur. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  5. Feb.8 Fri. Practice @3:50-5pm
  6. Feb.9 Sat. Varsity Regionals at Waunakee Schedule TBA

Week Fourteen: Sectionals week -@ VAHS on Saturday!!!! Top two placewinners to WIAA State!

  1. Feb.11 Mon. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  2. Feb.12 Tues. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  3. Feb.13 Wed. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  4. Feb.14 Thur. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  5. Feb.15 Fri. Practice @3:50-5pm
  6. Feb.16 Sat. Varsity Sectionals at VAHS Schedule TBA

Week Fifteen: WIAA State Week @ Kohl Center!!!!

  1. Feb.18 Mon. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  2. Feb.19 Tues. Practice @3:50-5:30pm
  3. Feb.20 Wed. Practice @3:50-5pm
  4. Feb.21 Thur. WIAA STATE Schedule TBA
  5. Feb.22 Fri. WIAA STATE Schedule TBA
  6. Feb.23 Sat. WIAA STATE Schedule TBA